Overview of High Cholesterol Treatments in America
The dangers of high cholesterol, although unseen, can severely damage your health if left untreated. Your doctor will compared your results against the recommended cholesterol levels and if treatment is needed they will discuss the options with you. These might include a change of diet, more exercise or if the problem is beyond this stage the doctor may prescribe a medicine which is designed to lower cholesterol. This could be in tablets or as an injection. Often the prescribed medicine is also combined with a low cholesterol diet, and an increase in exercise for the patient.
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Praluent is only available on prescription from your doctor. Working together with statins and a controlled diet, this drug is injected by the patient or caregiver. This can either be with a syringe and needle or with a special pen. This targets the bad cholesterol helping the body to eliminate it from the blood stream. This is prescribed for people who have a family history of high cholesterol and when other methods alone haven't worked to bring down the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL in the bloodstream. The doctor will evaluate your case including current LDL levels, lifestyle, and family history.

HMR Program

The HMR program is based around improving the overall health of a person. By changing bad habits and poor food choices the program aims to rewire the way we think about what we eat. By beginning with shakes and meals bought through the HMR program one begins to lose weight and the cholesterol level falls. As the program progresses one is encourage to increase healthy food choices into the new diet routine. The healthy eating is just part of the program as they encourage people to take regular exercise to increase the benefit of this new lifestyle choice. Telephone support or coaching helps keep you on track and answers questions you may have. The company provide strategies for making healthy food choices at social events and restaurants. Their target is to ease you into a lifestyle which is healthier and easier to maintain long term.


Walgreens is a major drug store in the USA not only selling products targeted at reducing cholesterol, they also offer advice about healthy living and ways of increasing the quality of life through better supplements and lifestyle choices. With a qualified pharmacist in every branch and an up to date website packed with information, Walgreens is a leader in the field of quality care and low cost medicines for better health. They offer home test kits to check the cholesterol levels in your blood so you will know if you need to see your doctor or if your numbers are in the recommended scale. Walgreens provide a full and comprehensive service offering medicines, both over the counter and those requiring a prescription.


Crestor is a drug made by Astra Zeneca for lowering cholesterol and has been effective in even high risk patients. It is one type of a drug in a group called statins which can block the enzyme in the liver which produces cholesterol, thus lowering the bad cholesterol. It is also approved by the FDA to slow the plaque build up in the artieries. Results of lower cholesterol could be seen as soon as 2-4 weeks after treatment has started. . Crestor does not suit everyone and is only available on prescription. Before being prescribed Crestor, your doctor would run tests to check the condition of your liver. There is no generic equivalent of Crestor and your doctor will determine if it is a suitable medicine for you.

Dr. Sinatra

Unlike many treatments specifically targeted only at lowering cholesterol, Dr. Stephen Sinatra believes one needs to treat the whole person. He believes that by eating a modified version of a Mediterranean diet including fruits and vegetables, healthy oils, legumes and fish, this is the first step at having a healthy heart. Taking supplements is also recommended, by Dr. Sinatra. He suggests Omega 3 and what he refers to as the awesome four which are CoQ10, Ribose, L-Carnitine, and magnesium. He also promotes the use of yoga or other stress reducing activities including exercising. Dr. Sinatra suggests by following this plan the body will return to a healthy state and the cholesterol levels will naturally return to a healthy level. Dr. Sinatra states that cholesterol levels alone are not a true indicator of the potential for a heart attack. His concern is inflammation which is caused by in the main by poor diet choices including polyunsaturated fats and sugars.